Using the Website as a GLOBE Observer

On the GLOBE Observer website, you will find additional resources about each of the three tools in the app (Clouds, Mosquito Habitat Mapper, and Land Cover), tips and hints for using the app, a facilitator’s guide for informal educators, and the latest news and updates related to GLOBE Observer.

  • For Citizen Scientists: For each protocol within GLOBE Observer, we have information about the steps needed to make an observation (including extra training materials beyond what is in the app), details about how to access the data collected, biographies of some of the scientists using the data and descriptions of their latest research, as well as a resource library of activities, videos and other materials that can help citizen scientists expand their knowledge of the content related to the protocol.
  • For Informal Educators: The Facilitator’s Guide includes information about how to use GLOBE Observer with informal education audiences, such as: tips for planning events and using the app with a group, presentations and printable materials for events, and supporting activities that work well in different informal education contexts.
  • For Researchers: For professional scientists looking to access GLOBE Observer data for their research, we have information about how to access the data through various means, and examples of how our data or similar data has been used in the past.