Join schools from Norway in Aerosols and Climate Project

We invite European GLOBE schools to join a collaboration project Aerosols in Europe 2015-2016, initiated by GLOBE Norway. The required age of students is 16-18 years, we seek 15 schools from all over the Europe and Eurasia Region. In this project schools join the Aerosol Campaign. In addition they will "twin" with schools in Europe and work together with aerosol scientists from Norway. The project Aerosols in Europe 2015-2016 is lead by Karl T. Hetland, GLOBE country coordinator of Norway.

As a first step, the Norwegian schools gathered at the University of Oslo on March 5th and were trained in the Aerosol protocol by the Norwegian scientists Bjørn Samset and Marianne Lund from CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo).

Norwegian schools will participate in the aerosol campaign this spring, but the main project together with other European schools will take place the next school year, starting with the international workshop for teachers in September 2015.

Learn more about the project, download the invitation and register for the project.

Deadline for applications is May 15th 2015.

For more information contact Karl T. Hetland from GLOBE Norway

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